Elaine Alestra

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Elaine Alestra
East Northport Office
Cell: (347) 628-6972
Office: (631) 368-6800
Fax: (631) 368-6880


I have a saying: "Home is heaven," and my #1 focus is to match a buyer with a home where he will be blessed and the seller will be a blessing in return. I have been an active agent for 15 years. I possess a very strong work ethic, boundless energy and am a dedicated person who cares deeply about helping you through the process smoothly.

I am native New Yorker who has worked in production for several decades in Rockefeller for major networks, talent agencies etc. and I also handled event planning, nationwide (TV production, film, publishing and the arts). I am now available full-time to meet your needs.


I will go the extra mile for you to help you find the best buyer for your home or the right home for you. Buying and selling a home can be very traumatic and many people dread moving. I will always be direct and honest and provide a smooth transition throughout your journey, paying attention to the little details.


I take pride in working together with you on a one-to-one basis, to ensure your needs are met and your confidentiality is kept private. My loyalty, intuitiveness, attention-to-detail and passion for relating honestly and respectfully with each person is my #1 concern.  My greatest joy is watching the homes go from one family to the next, so that new memories can be made!


Labor = Intelligence = Work. But Work + Love = Service. You have my word that I will give you the attention you deserve.


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