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Town of Hempstead

Town of Hempstead


The Town of Hempstead was founded in 1644 and named after a town in Great Britain called Hemel Hempstead, where the founder John Carman was born. Around the time of the American Revolution, there was a split between South Hempstead (known as Hempstead) and North Hempstead. The south shore was filled with people who were for the British cause, and the north shore was filled with people who were for the Revolutionary cause. This caused the division of the town into 2 towns in 1784 creating the Town of Hempstead, and the Town of North Hempstead.

The Town of Hempstead has 22 villages and 38 hamlets which is home to many Long Islanders. The town has almost 200 square miles of land and contains over 700,000 residents according to the 2010 census. When the LIRR extended its line to Hempstead, it became quickly popular and has been growing ever since. If the town was to be acknowledged as a city, it would be the second largest city in New York next to Manhattan.

The Town of Hempstead has many fun things to do and places to visit such as Valley Stream State Park and Hempstead Lake State Park. However, the most popular place to visit here is Jones Beach State Park. With 6.5 milesof beautiful beach, this 2,400 acre park has a beautiful 2 mile boardwalk to stroll down.