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Town of Southold

Town of Southold


On the North Fork of Long Island, at the northeastern tip of Suffolk County is the Town of Southold. It is consideredby many to be the first English settlement on Long Island in 1640. The name Southold is thought to be a misspelling of the name Southwold which is a town on the coast in the county of Suffolk in England. The Town of Southold boasts 1 village and 9 hamlets. According to the 2010 census, there are about 5,900 residents living in the town.

There are many great places to visit here. If you are looking to enjoy nature trails, some good places to go to are the Arshamomaque Pond Preserve, the Dam Pond, Mill Road Preserve, Marratooka South Preserve, Sound View Dunes Park, Silver Eel Preserve, and Laurel Lake Preserve. At these parks you can bike or hike the nature trails alone, witha friend, or even with your dogs. Besides hiking and biking, these parks are great places to go fishing, birdwatching, and take beautiful nature photographs.

If you’re looking to have a classy day out with some wine tasting, visit one of Southold’s beautiful vineyards! There are many great vineyards in the town including Sparkling Pointe Vineyards, Duck Walk Vineyards-North, the Old Field Vineyards, Croteaux Vineyards, and Mattebella Vineyards. These wineries are all gorgeous, elegant places. They are also great places to hold events such as weddings, birthday parties, work events, and more! Out in the town are also many farm stands where you can find the freshest organic produce. There is busy Bre’s, Catapano Dairy Farm, Hallock Cider Mill, Harbes Family Farm, Hubbard Farm stand, and many more. Experience the Town of Southold for a great time!