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On the North Shore of Nassau County, bordered by the Town of Oyster Bay, is the City of Glen Cove. I...

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On the North Shore of Nassau County, bordered by the Town of Oyster Bay, is the City of Glen Cove. It was once called Musketa Cove but was negatively impacted with the association to mosquitoes; the name has since then been changed to “Glen Cove.” It is thought that the name was taken by is a misheard name“Glencoe” which is a town in Scotland. In July and August, there is the Morgan Park Music Festival, which holds free music concerts at the gazebo in Morgan Park. Residents can also take advantage of the picnic area, bathing beach, walkways with scenic views, and more while visiting! Another local park is Stanco Park, which includes an 18-hole golf course. If you are looking for a beach in the area, you can visit Prybil beach or Crescent Beach. At these beaches you can find things like sun bathing areas, playgrounds, volley ball and basketball courts, barbeque grills, and fishing. In the former Harold Pratt estate is the Welwyn Preserve, which is open to the public and a great place to walk the nature trails and view great habitats like ponds, swamps, marsh, and the shoreline of the Long Island Sound. The City of Glen Cove is also known as an area to watch sailboat racing. On a cliff-top park in the neighboring village of Sea Cliff, and from various points on the hills of Garvies Point Preserve, you can watch these races. The City of Glen Cove is also home to the St. Rocco’s Feast: “The Best Feast in The East”. Many people from all over come to experience this event every year! There is a large variety of food vendors offering delicious eats to satisfy everybody. This is an event held by the Church of St. Rocco and they welcome everybody and anybody. Take a trip to the City of Glen Cove to attend all the fun events they have!