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Located in the northwestern part of Suffolk County is the Town of Huntington. The town holds 4 vill...

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Located in the northwestern part of Suffolk County is the Town of Huntington. The town holds 4 villages and 15 hamlets. As per the 2010 census, there are about 203,000 residents living in the Town of Huntington. In 1653 the town was purchased by English settlers from the Native Americans. The land extended all the way into what is now known as the Town of Babylon at the time, but later was separated in 1872 to create two separate townships. When the Long Island Railroad arrived in 1867, Huntington grew from a primarily agricultural and shipping area, to a hot spot for tourist attractions and commuting into the city. Located in the heart of Huntington Village is Hecksher Park, it is a gift to the people who live in the town from the late financer and philanthropist August Hecksher and his wife Nannie Hecksher. Hecksher Park hosts many events throughout the year and also includes a playground, tennis courts, a beautiful 9-11 memorial, and Hecksher pond. Its a great place to take a walk and relax! The Hecksher Museum of Art provides great art to see and art education programs as well. The Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium is one of the most interesting treasures on Long Islands north shore. This museum sits on 43 acres of land and includes a large amount of extensive collections which include more than 30,000 objects. The owner of the estate, William K. Vanderbilt II wanted this to become a museum for education and deeded it to Suffolk County in 1944 upon his death. There are many fun and educational programs in the planetarium theater, in the mansion, and in the museum. This beautiful location is also often used for events such as weddings. Make the Town of Huntington your new home for you and your family!
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