Staging Your Home

How To Stage Your Home


Your first showing is long before the first potential buyers arrive at your doorstep; it’s actually the moment your listing appears online. The photos of your house, along with the pricing and listing description, determine whether or not your house is considered good enough for an in-person look, or placed on the “do not see” list.

This is why staging your house prior to the photos is so important! Your house needs to put its best foot forward! Otherwise, buyers will eliminate it just by looking at the photos online.

Your Signature Premier Properties real estate agent will help recommend the best ways to update your home. Your house needs to stand out from the competition and great photography can help showcase this. Photos can add to the emotional connection. Take an outside picture at sunset with the lights on inside the house, and the warm glow instantly says “home.” If you have wonderful views of mountains, lakes, trees, or a garden, make sure these are included. Lifestyle photos also add to the emotional appeal – beautiful moldings, wonderful cabinetry, a fire in the fireplace, romantic bedding, candles, and flowers.

Buyers need to have an emotional connection with your house. There is a reason people say that they “fell in love” with a particular place. Staging addresses the emotional elements of presentation, as well as the rational ones. You are not only selling your floors, windows, counters, and space – you are selling a lifestyle!

Make sure your first showing allows a buyer to experience “love at first sight!”