Where Should I Live?

Aerial view of australian suburban houses

When deciding where to live be sure to consider what will work best for your lifestyle. See the checklist below to see what your options are.

Amenities- Walk around the surrounding neighborhood to see if there are near by parks, shops, restaurants, libraries, grocery stores, or any thing else you would need.

Schools- Check out the school district if you have children or plan to one day.

Community services- Research the community and its affairs. Reading community blogs and local papers will give you a sense of the community.

Transportation- If you are planning to be car-free you will need to check out the local transit system and see what is available to you.

Commute times- Determine your daily commute to work to see how far you can afford to travel to and from your work place.

Safety- Check out online crime statistics and be sure you feel safe in the area you choose.

Economic Stability- There needs to be a healthy mix of residential neighborhoods and businesses for a sustainable community.

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