Earth Day

Earth day is here and there are plenty of ways to celebrate it. We’ve come up with some different ways you can help take care of mother earth!


Leave the car at home.

Bike or walk to school or work, or carpool with a friend or coworker. As long as the weather holds off, you can skip the car and cut down on traffic and emissions and reduce air pollution!



Recycle e-waste! Electronic waste is considered any type of electronic equipment that is near or at the end of its useful life. When not disposed of properly, toxic components like lead, mercury and cadmium can end up leaching into the soil and water. Drop off your outdated, unused, or broken electronics at an e-waste center like echoTech Management in Holbrook.



Skip the plastic water bottles and swap them out with glass or metal ones. Or, invest in a reusable cup for your morning coffee. For the same price as a latte, you can buy a reusable cup for your morning coffee, and reduce the number of cups you throw away by around 300 over the course of a year. Grab reusable Starbucks cups for $8.94 for a 5 pack here. Bonus: they’re made from recycled material AND they’re recyclable making them totally eco-friendly!


Get planting

Today’s the perfect day to start an herb or vegetable garden. You can help eliminate carbon emissions and enjoy your very own fresh and organic produce. Check out some tips for how to get started here. If rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty isn’t for you, consider donating to an organization like OneTreePlanted who are dedicated to planting trees across the world.



Turn off appliances and electronics and remember to switch off the lights when you leave the room. You’ll save some money on your electric bill and help the environment at the same time. Read a book, take a walk, or have a picnic at a local park and appreciate the environment around you.