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Showcase Your Home in it's Best Light

Staging a home is a strategic marketing tool to help buyers imagine themselves living in your home and fall in love with your listing. In this Internet age, your first showing is long before the first potential buyers arrive at your doorstep: it’s actually the moment your listing appears on MLS. The photos of your house, along with the pricing and listing description, determine whether or not your house is considered good enough for an in-person look, or placed on the “do-not-see” list.

This is why staging your house prior to the photos is so important! Your house needs to put its best (square) foot forward! Otherwise, buyers—who are much more in control today of what houses they see and which ones they don’t—will eliminate it just by looking at the photos online.

“That one looks dated”—gone off the list because there’s too much work to do. “Look at that wallpaper, yuck!”— wallpaper is too personal and doesn’t have universal appeal. “Who would paint rooms such dark colors?”— again, bright or dark paint colors can be a turnoff. “There’s only one photo! That must mean that the rest of the house looks awful!”—be sure there are enough photos to showcase your house properly and entice prospective buyers, not leave them wondering.

At Signature, we are happy to offer our very own in-house staging division, Designs by Deirdre, allowing for a full service package when listing your home.

Real estate staging can showcase the selling features of a home and help it sell quickly for top dollar in today’s market.

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Stand Out From the Competition

Consulting with our professional home stager at Designs by Deirdre prior to your ”first showing” can make a dramatic impact on how well your house shows. Our stager looks at your house through a buyer’s eyes, as well as assesses how it will appear in photos. It’s important to follow the stager’s recommendations about furniture placement, accessorizing, paint colors, de-clutter, and decorating for the potential buyer (it’s not about you anymore!).

Often, a house shows poorly (in pictures and in person) because of the furniture—the style doesn’t match that of the “target market”, the condition is worn or worse, or it’s just too large or overstuffed. Our stagers have ideas for dealing with these issues as well, often suggesting slipcovers, or even rental furniture. Sometimes, borrowing from friends or family can be a great “temporary” solution.

Your house needs to stand out from all the competition (after all, it’s now a product on the market) and can be staged specifically for the market. Buyers need to have an emotional connection with your house. There is a reason people say that they “fell in love” with a particular place. Staging addresses the emotional elements of presentation, as well as the rational ones. You are not only selling your floors, windows, counters and space—you are selling a lifestyle!

You’ve often heard that selling your house is all about “location, location, location.” (And lately, “price, price, price.”) But equally as important is “emotion, emotion, emotion.”

Make sure your first showing allows a buyer to experience "love at first sight"!