Your Weekly Home Hack!

This week: Easy Key Hiders!

Last week’s hack talked about organizing your keys, but what about your spare keys that you want to hide? Don’t waste your money on a lockbox when you can create your own key hiding spots! Take a look at these clever ideas to hide away your spare keys and never get locked out of your house again!

One way to hide you keys is with an old medicine bottle. Place your key in the bottle and close the top. Then glue a rock or pinecone to the cap and dig it in your garden with just the rock or pinecone stick out. It will look like just another piece of your garden and be easy to grab if you need it! Have a bird house? Use that as your spare key holder. Or squeeze a key into a space in the siding of your house. There are many places and fun ways that you can hide your keys without spending money on a lockbox. Click Here to see more!

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