Your Weekly Home Hack!

This week: Plastic Bag Holders; Tissue Boxes!

As of January 1st, 2018, Suffolk County put a new law into effect, shoppers will have to pay 5 cents for plastic bags or bring their own reusable bags while shopping. Using reusable bags is a wonderful opportunity for our environment to become healthier. Reusing bags will prevent litter and marine pollution which has been a growing issue. So whether you are located in Suffolk County, or Nassau County, start saving your bags and you will also be saving our Island! What better hack to have this week than an easy, cheap plastic bag holder, an empty tissue box!

All you need is an empty tissue box, and your plastic bags! First you will place a plastic bag into the tissue box with the handles sticking out of the top. Then stick a second bag halfway through the first bags handle holes and stuff the 2 bags into the box with the second bag’s handles sticking out. Continue the process until your box is filled with your bags. You will be able to easily pull out your plastic bags one at a time.

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